Information ~To international visitors~

Welcome to my site!!! 
This site is based in Japan and operated by americankari.
In this site, I introduce my collection of records:Jazz,Funk,Soul,Rock,Brazil,
Latin,Raggae,ska,and a mixture of these music.

I listen to various music, My favorite is Swedish music and Norwegian music
of 70's and 80's.

This site is uploaded so that some music can have it played.
Please listen by all means if interested.
(Software to improve the sound source is "divshare")

I'm sorry but all my comments are Japanese.
Here is only English index page.
If you click other pages, can not see written pages by English.
However,the name of artists and the titles of record are English notation.

Please see pictures of record jacket!
If you find favorite records and comments in my sites,
Please ask me by e-mail.Of course it is in English!
contact : 

I hope you enjoy this site!!! Thank you!

This is my old blog → My old blog

"The following photo is one of the Swedish record shops which I went in October, 2008."